From our small group discussion last night…

1. Where is it harder to be a Christian? In North America, or in a country where you are persecuted (possibly even executed) for Christian faith?

2. What are the challenges you see at being a Christian in that place?

3. And what are some positives you see?



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    Frieda McDougall says:

    I’ve landed on this posting several times and each time, I think about what an interesting question this is. Since I’ve never been in a place where there’s true persecution I can only speculate…but I think it is easier to be a Christian in those places than in North America where we get so wrapped up in ‘things.’ I know from personal experience that it’s when I’m in the trenches – hurting, confused, humbled – that I really seek, cling to, and love my Jesus. At the other times it’s so easy to walk through my life in the lie of self-sufficiency and only give God fleeting or shallow thought. So in a place of persecution, where my reliance would be solely on the God who can save me, must be the place where it’s easier to be a Christian…..and as I write I pray that those places are not the places God calls me to be (does that make sense?).

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