Priorities, Priorities

I was at work and my cell phone rang. I recognized the number and the name. Just then the phone on my desk began to sing its chorus.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and told my children that I’d call them back. I answered my desk phone before the cell was disconnected.

Curing the course of my 10-minute work conversation, my cell phone rang incessantly. They must have called back 3-4 more times! I felt a mixture of annoyance and dread.

When I called back the first question I asked was, “Is everything okay?” The second was, “Why would you feel the need to call over and over like that?! I told you I’d call right back.”

An excited voice informed that it was very important. “Mom! You know the big boxes in the garage?! The ones from the new washing machines?! Can we please, please, please use them?! I want to make a fort in my room! Pleeeeeaaaasssee?!”

How could I say no?

Funny how things that seem unimportant to one person mean the world to another… Priorities, eh?

Ah few short minutes later my phone jingled again. “Um, Mom… Are you going to come in the garage door?”


“Well, um, I think you should come in the front door instead. Yeah. Okay?”

“Okay, why?”

“You know that box? The bigger one? It, um, it’s kinda stuck.”

Ended my workday off with a good chuckle. Thanks, kids!



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    Fun mom … you said yes.

    Your site is looking very lovely.


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