Life is Loud

The quiet place.

Do you have one?

Our lives are loud. Our lives are fast-paced. Our lives are full.

But all the noise and chaos make it difficult to hear God’s gentle whispers.

Do you feel like you can go days on end without really connecting with Him?

I do. That’s why I need my quiet place.

It’s not so much a location as it is a time of day. It’s not so much about making space in my schedule as it is about making space in my heart.

I’ve heard it said that you can tell where a person’s heart is by looking over his bank statements. In our day and age, and in particular for women, I think you can tell a lot about where her heart is by looking at her calendar.

The heart is deceitful. It will lead us to love and seek after all the wrong things. And so we pursue the impossible dream of being her. She might be superwoman. She might be the woman next door. No matter who she is, chances are that she is busy. But she handles it so well. Better than we do. And our deceitful hearts make us love the image of her.

If we don’t take time in the quiet place, we risk losing ourselves in pursuit of becoming her.

My quiet place is in my little, red, Ikea chair. In the corner of my front living room. I have a table, a lamp, a coffee, a book, my Bible, and a pen. I usually have a throw blanket, too. My quiet place is there only for a short time, in the dark hours before 6:30 am, before the chaos and noise of my life begin. And in my quiet place, He teaches me.

He teaches me how to love Him more than I love the idea of being her. He teaches me to be comfortable being me and serving Him in the way He designed me. He teaches me to press pause on the frenetic pace of life so that I can hear His voice. And the amazing thing is – if I go to my quiet place before my day begins, I can hear His whispers to my heart all day long. No matter how loud, how busy, how crazy the day becomes, I hear Him.

But if I don’t start out in that quiet place… If His voice is not the first one I hear in the morning… The noise of the world dominates my day with ease. I hear the demands of work, the needs of children, the noise of life, and I can’t discern His voice in the midst of it.

I need my quiet place. Not because it’s a special place or a special time of day, but because it’s a meeting with a special Person.

You need a quiet place, too. Do you have one?



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    I do have a quiet place — except that it’s in the noisiest room in the house! It’s in the living room on purpose, this chair that serves as a constant reminder to sloooooooow down. This winter, though, my favorite quiet place is the bathtub. I just hope I don’t drop my Kindle in the water. :)

  2. 2

    Thanks for this. What a nudge from the Lord. We are doing Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart right now and Monday night she was teaching about the importance of daily feeding on the Word of God. God always seems to speak through different people when He wants me to learn something.
    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

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    I’m linking to this today. :)

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