Overflowing…with sporadic thoughts and thankfulness

Sitting in church on Sunday mornings, or in the midst of reading a great book, my mind is full of words that I want to write here. However, at 6:30am when I get myself settled into my office chair, creativity eludes me.

And you know what you get when that happens…

A LIST. :)

So here is a list of random things I’ve been thinking about. And if any of those things sound interesting to you, let me know (I’ll try to write a post or a series just for you).

1. Short-term missions trips really do make a difference (they don’t have to be long-term to have long-lasting results).

2. Why fundraising for your missions trip is necessary (even if you can afford to pay for it yourself).

3. How we’re revamping our family plan to truly impact our kids lives for Christ.

4. The sermon illustration that inspired #3.

5. My attempts to get us debt free, why I want us to get there, and what’s been working (and what hasn’t).

6. Another rant about my painful lack of motivation to lose weight, and some random ideas I have (that I haven’t yet put into action).

7. Spiritual gifts – understanding them, figuring out yours, using them to serve God.

8. Why I decided to say “yes” to another thing in my life and am now mentoring a friend.

9. What I love about my new job.

10. How much I miss my bestie since I’ve started working (looking for advice on friendships for working moms).

11. Books I’m reading or have recently read: Radical (David Platt), Priceless (Tom Davis), Foreign to Familiar (Sarah A. Lanier), the book of Ruth, Her Daughter’s Dream (Francine Rivers).

12. The new after-school routine around here.

13. Can anyone tell me how to find time to read friends’ blogs and Facebook when working?

14. Why I chose day care over other childcare options.

15. How I’m sure that some people are judging my decision to go to work and put my baby in day care, and my response to their unspoken judgement.

16. Why we’ve decided to stay at a church that isn’t perfect for us.

17. What I’m serving for supper tonight…this week…next week.

18. Why I haven’t had to clean my house in months.

19. How leading our small group has become a surprising joy.

20. How we try to keep Christmas affordable with a big family.

I have many other things I’m thinking about, too. But I thought a list of 20 random topics was more than enough for you to choose from.

And, as I’ve been doing a lot lately, I’d like to leave you with a note from the devotional book I’m reading (Jesus Calling, Sarah Young).

Thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity. That is why I have instructed you to give thanks for everything. There is an element of mystery in this transaction: You give Me thanks (regardless of your feelings), and I give you Joy (regardless of your circumstances).

An appropriate quote, with my American friends celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.

So I’ll leave you with two questions:

1. Do any of those sporadic statements above warrant an entire post?

2. What are you thankful for today (even if it’s a negative, or maybe especially if that’s the case)?

I am thankful that I can’t put thoughts together to write a blog post, that I can’t seem to find time to visit with people I love (Hi Mom! Hi Deb! Hi Kelly! Hi Pat!), and that my brain will not shut off.

I thank God for these “troubles” because they are signs of a life that is full. A life full of opportunities. And I am especially grateful for those people who still love me and forgive my temporary neglect as I learn to manage all these opportunities.

Many people have to work. Many people work at jobs they can’t stand. I get to work, and at a job that is a ministry, with people who share my faith, doing things that are fun and use my gifts. Thank You, Lord, for a life that overflows!




  1. 1
    Kelly Stoski says:

    Hi Tyler!
    Missing you, but so happy for the new opportunities you have before you.
    You could write about anything and I would be excited o read. God seems to really speak to me through your writing. I am curious about a few though :)

  2. 2
    Frieda McDougall says:

    I think you could have a 20 day series on randomness and speak to each of those…..

  3. 3

    happy thanksgiving.
    I’m curious about #18 – as i want to get there.
    I’m a working mom, did the daycare, childcare, aftercare thing – one thing i know is that you have to be fine with your decision and know why it’s right for you and yours. you dont need to keep justifying it to others, and most people probably arent thinking about your decision as much as you. in life we do what we have to do.

  4. 4

    Any of them would be wonderful for sure. 3, 5, 11, and 16 would be the ones I’d pick of I was choosing. Especially 3 and 16.


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