Meet Team Haiti, 2012

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Back: Russ, Beth, Curt, Alex, Pat, Gerald, Melissa, Jim
Front: Siham, Alan, Tyler (aka me), Blanche, Lydia, Dolores

We’ve been having a fun time getting to know each other and preparing ourselves spiritually and mentally for the trip. What a great group of people!

If you want to follow us, we’ll be blogging over at CrossRoads to Haiti, 2012. Right now, posting will be pretty sparse – the odd update of prayer requests and how we’re doing. But when we’re away (Jan. 29-Feb. 9), you can expect some fairly regular updates on the blog. I would love it if you bookmarked or followed the blog now, so you don’t miss a thing. :)

Thanks for journeying with me. Your prayers and encouragement are such a blessing.

P.S. The countdown is on – 82 days!




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    Haiti has a chunk of my heart! Where in Haiti will you be?

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