This Time Last Year

Pat was in Haiti for the 2nd time. (And I can’t believe we’re now in the midst of preparations to go together!)

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at a large conference, and then live out what I taught about at home. (Based on the boots incident of 2010, it sounds like there was already snow on the ground in October of last year. Thank you Lord for holding off until after trick-or-treating this year!)

And I was in the midst of a season (and blog series) of feasting on the Word of God daily.

What were you doing this time last year?



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    This time last year I was in a terrible situation relationship-wise, deep in sin. I had just finished leading a campaign with a local politician, was fully loving my job and in my denial feeling rather happy, creatively-filled and content ‘ish despite. Now if I could get back to those feelings of happy and content without the blantant sin, I’d be set!

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